Women’s International Research Engineering Summit

The European Science Foundation and US National Science Foundation
will host the Women’s International Research Engineering Summit
(WIRES) to be held in Barcelona, Spain, 2-4 June, 2009.

· Simulation based engineering
· Nano/micro technology
· Energy systems

The main objective of this summit is to enable meaningful and sustainable research exchanges between female engineers from around the world while identifying issues faced by females pursuing careers in engineering that could benefit from a global strategy.

“We are looking for women researchers who are interested in pursuing
international collaborative researching opportunities in these research
areas to attend the upcoming first annual WIRES international summit.

The summit site will be the Hewlett Packard Research and Development Center in
Barcelona, Spain.
Because of the foundation and corporate support,
there will be no conference fee charged for academic women engineers who are chosen to attend the summit.

Some of the goals of WIRES are to:

· Provide an opportunity to create personal, sustainable
relationships among female engineers that will lead to collaborative
research efforts.

· Identify common issues and provide a clear, visible pathway
for females to pursue international collaborations.

· Identify methods of securing funding for international
collaborations from federal agencies, international sources, the private
sector, foundations, etc.

· Generate a database of female faculty who are interested in
conducting international research.

If you are a female engineering researcher and are interested in attending the summit or want more details, please apply at our web site.”

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