Women in Science – Summer School El Escorial, Spain


Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in cooperation with Norwegian and Icelandic institutions, as well as with various Spanish ministries, launches the Summer School entitled “Women in Science. Reflections and experiences from the North and South of Europe and the United States”.


The course is organized within the NILS Science and Sustainability programme, funded by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.


The event includes international top experts as Stephanie Bird (MIT, USA), highest level professors from Spain as Margarita Salas, Amelia Valcárcel, Eulalia Pérez Sedeño and others, as well as representatives from Norway and Iceland. It will provide us the opportunity to reflect on the social nature of science, the barriers to the participation, use and production ofscience and technology by women, and to identify good experiencies in order to promote equality in science.


“Women have contributed to science from its beginning, although this has not been fairly acknowledged. From the studies of science, it is widely described the lack of equality among women and men concerning scientific and technological production, as well as the existence of obstacles that are specific to women when accessing relevant positions in the academia, the industry and the administration. Such barriers have led to a deep reflection on the social nature of science and technology and on the strategies in order to overcome this inequality.


This school aims at facing this reflection, as well as at deepening on the situation of women in the science systems in various countries such as Spain, Norway, Iceland and United States. We also aim at identifying best practices on the promotion of scientific entrepreneurship enhancing women’s and men’s initiatives, at knowing the personal experience of researchers face to face, as well as at identifying what is the gender treatment in the main source of funding for science in Europe, the Horizon2020 programme.


The course gathers internationally well known researchers who will talk us about the conclusions of number of studies, approaches and perspectives in Europe and United States of America, as well as about their experience and proposals for a higher equality in this field. The combination of lectures and round tables shall allow participation and exchanges among attendees and speakers. The school is addressed to bachelor and post-degree students in experimental and social sciences, to active researchers and technologues, and to professionals in the administration related to scientific, educational, entrepreneurship and equality policies. We aim at exchanging knowledge and experiences and also at identifying further cooperation opportunities.”


Deadline for applying for financial support is May 29


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