Webinar of “Donne and Scienza”, 18 June 2020 “Science, society and power in the time of COVID-19”

The Italian association “Donne e Scienza” organized the webinar “Science, society and power in the time of COVID -19”, sponsored by MUSE, Res viva, CNR Communication, and ‘Elena Cornaro’ Center of Padua University. Over 65 people attended the Webinar via the Zoom platform. Speakers and discussants proposed themes on the relation between COVID-19 and social issues raised by this pandemic.

As a cross-cutting issue, gender has been analysed considering: the social questions, including the impact of “smart working” (“the new ways of working made possible by advances in technology and made essential by economic, environmental and social pressures”, see: ehorus.com/smart-working ) during the lockdown on lives and research activities of women scientists; the issues of women’s participation in the health policies and choices made and to be made in relation to COVID-19; the new epistemological questions in relation with the fragility of the living world and its unpredictability; the narratives adopted in the media concerning the pandemic. The analysis pointed out how, as compared with men, women suffered more the consequences of COVID-19 crisis, concerning life and work balance, scientific production and involvement as experts in the places where decisions are taken.


webinar Science, society and power in the time of COVID-19


Speakers were, from left to right:
Sveva Avveduto, CNR, Rome and President of “Donne e Scienza”; Elena Gagliasso, Sapienza University of Rome; Valentina Mangano, Pisa Uni-versity and Lorenza Perini, SPGI, Padua University (1st row).
Elisa Molinari, Modena University introduced and moderated the webinar whilst Lucia Martinelli, MUSE, and EPWS Board of Administration member moderated the chat (2nd row).
Pro-grammed discussants were the Journalist Marina Forti and Ma-ria Cristina Antonucci, CNR-Irpps, Rome (3th row).







The programme and the webinar recording are available at www.donnescienza.it/scienza-societa-e-potere-ai-tempi-di-covid-19/

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