University of Antwerp – Career Funding Opportunity

“Our research group at the University of Antwerp has recently developed a new method, and applied for a patent, in the field of signal processing. We are currently exploring, in cooperation with the university, the possible transfer of this technology to different branches of computational science and engineering. A glimpse of some recently explored applications can be found at our project website We are now looking for a candidate with a background in exact or applied sciences and holding a Ph.D., to apply with us for an innovation mandate ( at the Flemish Agency for Innovation in Science and Technology (IWT:
Innovation mandates are postdoctoral grants for researchers who wish to deploy active efforts to achieve the effective transfer, the exploitation and the utilisation of research findings, either through a collaboration with an existing company, or a new spin-off company to be established. The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between academia and industry and to help the researchers to make the transition into the business world. In our case the technology transfer concerns a new sparse data processing method, not directly related to the already established and popularized techniques of compressed sensing.
Currently, non-sparse data sampling still underlies nearly all signal acquisition used in modern consumer and industrial electronics. But many signals are sparse or compressible when expressed using the proper building blocks. Sparse representations can be useful in power systems, sonar, electrical and electronic engineering, spectroscopy, geophysics, biophysics, astronomy, sound models, hyperspectral imaging, MRI, telemonitoring, sensor networks, ambient assisted living, high-frequency radar, econophysics, and so on. Signal processing has penetrated almost every aspect of modern technology!
If you’re interested in this opportunity, please email your CV or inquiries to”

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