UAIC – A Place for Women in Science

“The documentary exhibition “UAIC – A Place for Women in Science” has been organized by the UAIC-STAGES project and the UAIC Centre for Gender Equality in Science in the central building of the UAIC (University Palace), in the famous space named “the Hall of Echoing Footsteps” (Sala Pasilor Pierduti).
The exhibition was conceived as a relevant and unitary communication action about the active presence of the UAIC’s women scientists and their important contribution in education and research. At the same time, being organized within the framework of the STAGES project, the exhibition aims to show the main objectives included in the UAIC-STAGES action plan, namely to increase the public visibility and acknowledgement of the women’s scientific achievements, to promote their inspiring role model for young researchers, to strengthen the organizational awareness by building up on gender equity culture and its benefits for scientific performance as well as to present the implementation of the programmes devoted to achieve gender equality in science at the UAIC.
In the opening discourses, Prof. Dr, Vasile Isan, the Rector of the University, and Prof. Dr. Doina Balahur the coordinator of the UAIC-STAGES project, have highlighted the significance of this documentary exhibition that shows the European development of our academic community in accordance with EC gender equality policy and the University strategic programmes.”
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