The SPEAR’s Cycle of Policy Reflections are now available

The H2020 project SPEAR just launched SPEAR’s Cycle of Policy Reflections for EU-level policymakers and university alliances and networks. Based on the important discussions at SPEAR’s final conference on the link between inclusive gender equality and a wider democratic agenda, these reflections bring together experts’ and practitioners’ voices, experiences, and expertise from a range of different national and organisational contexts to reinforce and support ongoing policy developments towards sustainable and inclusive Gender Equality in Academia.

SPEAR’s Policy Reflections cover four interconnected topics: (i) Careers in Academia: recruitment, promotion, career development; (ii) Work- and study environment and sexism in Academia; (iii) Gender mainstreaming and Gender Equality Plans; (iv) Integration of the Gender+ Dimension in research, innovation, and teaching.
The documents are available to download on the SPEAR website.





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