The Open University : Inspirational Women in Science (Poster Series & Podcast)

“In the past, the world of science was often seen as somewhat the preserve of men. Luckily in more recent times these perceptions have changed dramatically, with more and more women studying and working in science.
But even before these more enlightened times, women have made a tremendous contribution to the different fields of science (even if they haven’t always been credited fully for their work). Some of their amazing work has had a profound effect on how we look at the world today.
To celebrate their outstanding achievements The Open University talked to female scientists currently working in The Faculty of Science. We asked them to share their personal nomination for ‘Outstanding Woman of Science’ and to also share their experiences.  These interviews have been compiled into a ‘Women in Science’ podcast as part of ITunes U.  You can listen to this here and be sure to take a look at the posters we made to commemorate some of the most outstanding and famous female scientists in history.”

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