The GENERA Network honored the International Women’s Day with the webinar “Women in Physics – celebration day”

On 9 March 2022, the Gender Equality Network in Physics in the European Research Area -GENERA organized the webinar “Women in Physics – celebration day” to promote women physicists and inform about their visions, efforts and achievements toward gender equality in this male-dominated scientific field. Main topics were the low presence of women in particular in theoretical physics; the gender bias; the women leadership in science; the mentoring programs; the meaning of “equality” and “inclusion”. Among the lectures by leading women physicists from all over Europe, Prof. Dalia Satkovskiene of the BASNET Forumas, Lithuania, and member of the EPWS board of administration shared her experience in activities and projects aimed at ensuring gender equality in physics. After presenting the results of already implemented EU projects, she introduced the new COST Action “Making Young Researchers’ Voices Heard for Gender Equality – VOICES” (2021-2025). Answering the question “What is your idea of gender parity?”, she stated “life in science and freedom to act as woman”.

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