The Gender STI Final Conference took place in Madrid, on 5 October 2023

The international research project Gender STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) had its final conference “Breaking Barriers: Advancing Gender Equality in International Science, Technology, and Innovation Cooperation” in Madrid last 5 October 2023.

EPWS, represented by Ligia Amancio of AMONET (the Portuguese association affiliated to EPWS) participated in the Roundtable “Policy Strategies for Gender Equality in STI Dialogues”, moderated by Elizabeth Kohler from C.N.R.S., France.
Main topics were the present situation of women in science and technology and visions for the future. Ligia Amancio specifically focused on the case of Europe, and Portugal in particular, and stressed the role of women’s associations’ networks such as EPWS in strengthening visibility and support for women scientists.

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