The Business Perspective: EPWS Round-Table

Women in scientific careers within corporate R&D departments

Within the framework of its outreach activities to women in industrial research, EPWS organised a Round-Table on Women in scientific careers within corporate R&D department on 13 January 2009.

This event brought together representatives from major companies to discuss the situation of women scientists in industrial research in Europe. The objective of this meeting was to understand how can companies attract highly qualified women scientists and identify appropriate selection criteria and internal polices to encourage women to continue a scientific career path within company.

The discussion focused more particularly on the attractiveness of science and scientific careers, the concept of “career” and potential difference between women and men, the appropriateness of recruitment criteria and the necessity to clarify them and finally on the ‘age criteria’ in recruitment process.

After fruitful exchange of views and good practices, the participants agreed to continue to debate the issue in the future. The framework of the follow up is still under discussion, but EPWS hopes that this initiative will generate innovative solutions to the lack of women in industrial research.

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