General Survey on Women Scientists 2018

EPWS’ objective is to bring the voice of women scientists at the EU institutions level.

EPWS General Survey on women scientists


To know these women’s wishes and concerns, EPWS is launching a EU-wide survey, open until 31 December 2018, at

We invite women scientists of all ages and disciplines, in the public and private sectors, EPWS members or not, to answer it. Its aims are to:

  • Get to know the current needs of women scientists – from any discipline and at any career level;
  • Help women researchers to improve their working conditions and to develop their careers;
  • Assess their professional networks and better know their expectations regarding these networks;
  • Help EPWS to define appropriate actions to be taken and policies to support.


The results of this survey will be collected anonymously, both on what regards you and your institution.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Answer the survey


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