Call for papers “Setting their Table: Women and the Periodic Table of Elements”

“Setting their Table: Women and the Periodic Table of Elements”

International Symposium at the University of Murcia (Spain) 11-12 February 2019

Setting their Table: Women and the Periodic Table of Elements

In the history of the discovery and establishment of the PT, is seems there is hardly any women scientists involved. More numerous are they however when it comes to filling the table, and discovering elements, their properties and their use, even though those women are often forgotten or overlooked. This symposium will specifically address the contribution of women to the PT and the knowledge of its elements, by demonstrating the presence of women and girls in the history of the development and filling of the PT, by reviewing the present situation and achievement of women in chemistry today and setting the table for the future.

The Symposium is organized under the auspices of UNESCO and through the cooperation of IUPAC, IUHPST, EuChemS (European Chemical Society) as well as the Real Sociedad Española de Química and the University of Murcia. This international conference is set in the frame of the International Year of the Periodic Table of the Elements (IYPT) and will start on the International Day for Women and Girls in Science. The program includes plenary lectures, key notes, oral communications and posters, as well as a round table.


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Scientific Topics

While the Periodic Table is established for a while now, and the number of available elements is finite, the progress of chemistry continues to enable researchers to find new ways to use these elements for the benefit of men and women, and meet the challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century. The focus of this Symposium is on the contribution of women, and how these contributions have been implemented by the scientific community.

The Symposium sessions will cover a variety of advanced topics on following subjects

  • History of women, the elements and the Periodic Table
  • The Periodic Table and chemical education, past, present and future (with a special attention to secondary school teachers and pedagogy)
  • The elements and the Periodic Table for sustainable chemistry
  • Beyond the elements: building nano- and bio-materials
  • Old elements, new technologies: how to improve the quality of life
  • Women in the chemical sciences, engineering and technologies
  • Endangered elements: how to face the scarcity of resources



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