Research Associate/Senior Research Associate in Cosmology (Fixed Term)

Postdoctoral position in Cosmology at Maths Faculty, University of Cambridge.

Candidates should be qualified to undertake research in the areas of CMB, large-scale structure, cosmological tests of fundamental physics, or other areas of cosmology. While the main criterion is research excellence and strong researchers in any relevant area will be seriously considered, candidates interested in working on CMB polarization, gravitational lensing, B-mode cosmology, cosmological surveys or baryon acoustic oscillations with Dr Blake Sherwin are of particular interest. It is anticipated that the successful candidate would available to start December 2018 or the start of 2019.

The successful candidate will have completed a PhD in Cosmology, Physics, Astrophysics or a closely related area prior to their appointment, and will have demonstrated a capacity to produce world-class research.

Duties include developing and conducting individual and collaborative research objectives, proposals and projects. The role holder will be expected to plan and manage their own research and administration, with guidance if required, and to assist in the preparation of proposals and applications to external bodies. He or she must be able to communicate material of a technical nature and be able to build internal and external contacts. He or she may be asked to assist in the supervision of student projects, the development of student research skills, provide instruction or plan/deliver seminars relating to the research area. An allowance for research expenses is included in this position. In the case of an appointment being made at Senior Research Associate level, additional duties would include managing research budgets and programmes, identifying sources of funding, contributing to teaching and supervising/mentoring research students and colleagues.


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