SciCom09 – Call for Papers

Education, dialogue or event?
Challenges for a target group-orientated science communication

Call for Papers:
Deadline: June 22nd 2009.
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“SciCom09 deals with:

1. activities and concepts in science communication
Which ways of knowledge transfer will be taken nationally and internationally in the future?
Which activities and formats performed well (bad) in which contexts? Which setting can be established to value the success or failure of communication strategies? Which conceptions of responsibility and trust undergo the several practises of communication?

2. target groups in science communication focusing children and adolescents

Which recipients receive which messages in which way? Who seeks for which topics?
Which way of knowledge transfer is successful and reasonable?
How can we deal with differing target groups: educational, experience-driven, participative, conversational, gender-specific?

3. players in science communication and their interests

How are which players acting and in whose interest? Which rules, inherent to the system, are linked to these interests and enable or disable which communication process among which persons?”

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