2 Research Associate / PhD Student Positions in Applied Mathematics at University of Stuttgart

Cluster of Excellence SimTech | Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science 

The Cluster of Excellence Data-Integrated Simulation Science (EXC 2075) is an interdisciplinary research center with more than 200 scientists performing research towards a common goal: We target a new class of modelling and computational methods based on available data from various sources, to take the usability, precision, and reliability of simulations to a new level. The open PhD student position is integrated into the Graduate School of the Cluster.



Amongst others, you will develop and analyze time-integration schemes for coupled partial differential equations (PDEs) that describe the deformation of a porous media saturated by fluid networks. Your work results will contribute to user-friendly and at the same time highly optimized time-stepping schemes that serve as a key enabler for 3-dimensional applications. The expected analysis is strongly connected to delay equations as well as differential-algebraic equations. If you have some experience in PDEs, numerical time-integration, or delay equations and you would like to conduct a doctoral thesis, we look very much forward to your application!


More information on both positions here.

Deadline: April 9, 2021


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