Prize “Carlotta Award 2022” for young women researchers under 40 in the field of cereals and pasta

In the frame of the International Conference “FROM SEED TO PASTA IV” (FSTP-4) (Bologna, 26-28 October 2022) this second edition of the ‘Carlotta AWARD 2022’ is focused on research concerning (i) wheat genetics, genomics and breeding and (ii) sustainable wheat production for food security, healthier durum for healthier lives, durum wheat pasta value chain. The winners will be selected by an international jury of experts and, in case of the same judgment between two (or more) candidates, the youngest will be entitled to the prize as an incentive to her scientific and professional growth. Four women scientists (2 for each topic, 1st and 2nd classified) will be prized as Winners. Furthermore, 4 women scientists working in developing and/or emerging countries will be awarded with the Special Mention for their scientific work judged excellent independently from high IF publications and/or important funding support.


Submission deadline: 15 June 2022


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