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2006 – 2013
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Press Releases

EPWS Press Release : EPWS President honoured with Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of
Germany for pioneering work in the promotion of women in science
, 6 October 2014

EPWS Press Release: In Quest of Scientific Excellence, 7 July 2009

EPWS Press Release: Gender and Finance, 5 March 2009

The Gender Perspective: Scotland’s Chief Scientific Adviser Prof Anne Glover talks science and innovation in Scotland and the EU

Annual Conference of the European Platform of Women Scientists “Women shaping Science” Vilnius, Lithuania, 5-7 June 2008

Mapping the Maze: Getting More Women to the Top in Research, 16 April 2008

A Roadmap for equality between women and men 2006-2010: its implementation thus far with a special focus on women in science and research, 27 November 2007

50 years of Equal Opportunities between Men and Women. Facts, Figures and Solutions for the Under-representation of Women in Science, 6 July 2007

A dream comes true: Committed networks of women scientists meet in Brussels for the First General Assembly of the European Platform of Women Scientists, 28 April 2007

EPWS gathers over 80 networks from 28 countries in preparation of its first General Assembly, 20 October 2006
European Platform of Women Scientists intensifies outreach to networks of
women scientists throughout Europe, 11 July 2006

European Platform of Women Scientists launched in Brussels, 29 March 2006

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The European Platform of Women Scientists is an international non-profit organisation that represents the needs, concerns, interests, and aspirations of more than 12.000 women scientists in Europe and beyond.


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