Postdoc Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices

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Its research lines focus on the newly-discovered physical and chemical properties that arise from the behavior of matter at the nanoscale. ICN2 comprises 19 Research Groups, 7 Technical Development and Support Units and Facilities, and 2 Research Platforms, covering different areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology.


ICN2 PhD Programme


Job Title:Postdoctoral researcher

Research area or group:Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices Group

Description of Group/Project:

The Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices (AEMD) group focuses on the material sciences and technology aspects of novel electronic materials, with a strong emphasis on graphene as well as other 2D materials (MoS2). The group also works towards the development of technological applications based on these materials such as electronics, bioelectronics and biosensing, neural interfaces, etc.

The activities cut across different scientific aspects, from the fundamentals (the physics of devices and semiconductors) to materials (growth of graphene and MoS2 materials by CVD and MOCVD, surface functionalisation, advanced characterisation), through to devices (fabrication technology, nanofabrication) and applications (neural implants and biomedical technologies, biosensors, flexible electronics).

Main Tasks and responsibilities:

The research activity of the candidate will be part of the i-VISION project (funded by La Caixa Foundation) and the Graphene Flagship project (funded by the European Commission); these projects are developing graphene-based neural technologies to interface with the brain and the retina.  The postdoc candidate will be involved in activities related to the design, fabrication, and assessment of several components of neural interface technologies.

The candidate will be working in a very multidisciplinary project that covers topics such as materials science of graphene and other 2D materials, thin film technologies for neural interfaces, as well as in-vivo device validation of the neural technologies.

The candidate will work in close collaboration with international teams; the candidate is expected to participate and lead these collaborations.


Deadline: 25/05/2021

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