PhD Studentship in Physics at Loughborough University

The Departments of Physics and Chemistry at Loughborough University invites applications for a PhD studentship “Fabrication and Characterisation of Memristors for Object Detection Applications“, This project is a collaboration between Physics and Chemistry and its goal is experimental development of memristors that demonstrate resistive switching on short-term timescales.




You will employ physical and chemical vapour deposition techniques and suitable wet-chemistry techniques in order to prepare thin films of oxide materials; measure current-voltage characteristics of memristor devices; study physical and electrochemical properties by a range of techniques.

You will be part of a team working both on experimental and theoretical aspects of memristors in the fields of Materials Physics, Materials Chemistry, Artificial Intelligence and Neurophysiology. The research will be linked to the recently funded EPSRC grant EP/S032843/1: T

his project will involve interactions with industrial representatives from ARM – one of the world-leading providers of commercial solutions for smartphone processors and artificial intelligence applications. You will also work together with our partners, world-leading experts from the US based University of Massachusetts Amherst, Texas A&M University and Salk Institute.

Loughborough University is dedicated to promoting the role of women in science, and, therefore, explicitly invites women to apply.


Deadline 14th February 2020

More information and applications here.

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