Parité Science competition “Make us want to read”

Parité Science ( formerly APMST ) is a non-profit association composed of women and men acting for the promotion of Science in Grenoble and the Grenoble area, particularly with regard to girls and women.

On March 11, 2016 Parité Science launched its book collection related to “Women in Sciences”. The collection is located in the PHELMA Engineering School library. The books can be borrowed by any member of the Grenoble University, i.e. more than 80,000 people. The 50 books list is numerically available.

The collection is supporting events such as “Editathlon”, led by Wikimedia Grenoble.

In order to advertise for its collection, Parité Science proposed a contest entitled “Donnez envie de lire” i.e. “Make us want to read.

The aim of the contest was :

• read one or more books of the “Women in Science” collection,

• achieve a written, picture, video, recorded document… that makes other people want to read this book.

23 contributions were received including: 3 comics, 7 posters, 5 poems, 4 open letters, 2 photos, 1 audio record and 1 novel. Those contributions can be seen on our Facebook page.



The participants exhibited varied profiles (kindergarten and first year primary school classes, students in engineering degrees, PhD students, permanent university staff, retired and unemployed person and a journalist) and came from all over France.

Thanks to the financial commitment of our partners – Société française de Physique 38, Nanoscience Foundation and Grenoble INP Alumni – the prizes of the contest, up to 1600 euros, were awarded, on October 21, 2017 during a ceremony, bringing together 70 people, within the framework of the yearly French Science Festival. In Grenoble, this event is partly organized by GIANT (Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies).

The ceremony was introduced by a conference given by Nathanael Cabare from the “Maison de l’Egalité Femmes-Hommes” entitled “Did you say stereotypes?”.

The list of the attributed prizes is the following :

First Prize

Zélie TOURNOUD, PhD Student in Material Science, who produced a cartoon for the book : Femmes de sciences de l’Antiquité au XIXe siècle, réalités et représentations

Second Prizes

Maelle DUBOIS & Manon DUSSAUD, Seniors at High School, who produced an interactive card for the book : Marie Curie femme savante ou sainte vierge de la science ?
Mathilde LEMANG, Phd Student in Physics, who produced an open letter for the book : Les crocodiles

Third Prizes

Alice FABAS, Student in Engineering, who produced an open letter for the book : Les Femmes du laboratoire de Marie Curie
Elise GAREL , Student in Engineering, who produced an open letter for the book : Guide des métiers pour les petites filles qui ne veulent pas finir princesse
Cécile MONDOU, unemployed, who produced a cartoon for the book : Guide des métiers pour les petites filles qui ne veulent pas finir princesse

Fourth Prizes

Ombeline VIGNAUD, Student in Engineering, who produced a poem for the book : Leçons de Marie Curie
Audrey SCHANEN & Dimitri BIGALLET, Students in Engineering, who produced a poster for the book    A l’école des stéréotypes, Comprendre et déconstruire.
Alexandrine SADOUL, scientific projects coodinator, who produced a poem for the book : Les femmes qui pensent sont dangereuses

The Audience Prize was awarded to Jade ROBERT and a Special Prize was created for drawings produced by 5 years pupils of a kindergarten located in St Martin le Vinoux, a suburb of Grenoble.


The colorful production of five years old pupils, entitled “when I grow up, I will be…” demonstrates that stereotypes are fully integrated at their age: boys want to be firemen or footballers and girls teachers or cooks. This emphasizes the necessity of our work towards the deconstruction of stereotypes.


Céline TERNON and Mireille LAVAGNA working at the deconstruction of stereotypes at the “Fête de la Science”.


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