Open Early Stage Researcher/PhD Position in Artificial Intelligence: From Grey-box Models to Explainable Models

Open Early Stage Researcher/PhD Position at Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC), Spain, for the NL4XAI project

Reference number: NL4XAI- ESR2

PhD research topic: From grey-box models to explainable models

Objectives: To define, design, develop and implement an agnostic-based approach for providing Natural Language explanations of Bayesian Networks reasoning using a linguistic imprecise knowledge representation and reasoning method. Taking as a starting point the interpretation of Bayesian variables, values and probability functions as imprecise quantified statements, the Bayesian reasoning process will be modelled as a quantified syllogism, which can be solved as a mathematical programming problem.

The target is to propose, test and validate models for explaining in Natural Language different reasoning schemes, such as predictive, diagnostic or inter-causal, with an efficient implementation for addressing scalability problems which may occur in large Bayesian Networks. The explanation models will be based both in the agnostic-based approach herein considered as well as in the results of ESR3.

The theoretical contributions of this research will be validated in:

  • academic use cases provided by the state of the art graphic tools for Bayesian Reasoning; and
  • a real use case (“Experiences, offering, demand and classification in semantic-search processes applied to business processes”) defined in one of the inter-sectoral secondments (Indra).


More information and applications here


Deadline for applications is August 15, 2021, at 23h59 CEST (UCT + 02:00)


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