One Research Group Fellowship for Postdoctoral Scientists at University Oldenburg

The SFB 1372 “Magnetoreception and Navigation in Vertebrates” at the University of Oldenburg invites applications for Research Group Fellowship for Postdoctoral Scientists (m/f/d) (E13 TV-L, 100%, part-time suitable) to conduct independent research in the field of Magnetoreception and/or Navigation in Animals. The position will be filled as soon as possible and is limited to 36 months.



The position will be filled as soon as possible and is limited to 36 months. The central aim of SFB 1372 is to achieve a comprehensive and multidisciplinary understanding of magnetoreception and vertebrate navigation, all the way from the biophysical mechanisms to the natural behaviour of navigating animals, covering every step in between.

To achieve this, we want to understand how magnetic cues are sensed, how magnetic information reaches the brain for processing, how multisensory navigation-relevant information is integrated in the brain, whether neural correlates of map and compass information exist beyond a lab environment of a few square metres, what the genetic basis of migration is, and how cue manipulations and different sensory strategies affect navigation behaviours and global migration patterns.

SFB 1372 combines more than 20 laboratories at the University of Oldenburg, the Ruhr-University Bochum, the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, the Institute of Avian Research, the University of Cologne, the Weizmann Institute for Science, and the University of Oxford in a stimulating, highly interactive and cooperative research environment. The University of Oldenburg is located in the Northwest of Germany and is a middle-sized university with over 2,500 employees and 15,000 students. Most of the University of Oldenburg’s 222 professors have been appointed in the past decade, creating a young, ambitious, and dynamic team carrying out internationally cutting-edge research. To complement and develop our research activities in SFB 1372, we are seeking highly motivated young scientists with an outstanding scientific track record and substantial international research experience in fields related to the aims of SFB 1372. These may include but are not restricted to quantum chemistry, biophysics, structural biology, neuroanatomy, behavioural neuroscience, animal behavior, movement ecology, migration genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, electrophysiology, viral techniques, and optogenetics (for further information on SFB 1372 please visit:

Required qualifications include an academic university degree, a very good doctoral thesis in a discipline related to SFB 1372, recognizable potential for peer- reviewed publications in leading international journals, a visionary research program, and initial experience in acquisition of research grants and teaching. Payment and social benefits are in accordance with the regulations of the German salary agreement for public service employees (TV-L). Core support for consumables and one PhD student are assigned to the position by the faculty.

As a member of the School of Mathematics and Science, institutional support will be provided, including modern laboratory space and state-of-the-art facilities in addition to career advancing training and mentoring support.

During the 3-year period, the successful candidate is expected to actively contribute to SFB 1372. Within the first 12-18 months, the candidate is expected to develop an independent research program strong enough to apply for extramural funding for a 5-years+ Junior Research Group (DFG Emmy Noether, VW Freigeist, or ERC starting or consolidator grant). If (a) one of these four grants is successfully acquired within the 3-year period, and (b) the actual work of the group under these programs is evaluated to be successful by the Institute of Biology and Environmental Sciences in Oldenburg, a tenure track to a professorship is in principle a possibility according to the current laws of Niedersachsen.

Motivation to further develop academic teaching experience and qualifications is also expected. The SFB 1372 is particularly interested in applications from female candidates for this position and therefore, strongly encourages women to apply. Candidates with disabilities will be given preference over other equally qualified applicants.


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Deadline  20th April 2020

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