Newsletter – Czech National Contact Centre for Gender and Science



The Czech National Contact Centre for Gender and Science has published its first Newsletter.

The highlight of this issue is the 4th national conference on gender and science organized on 22 June 2016 by the Centre and the Senate of the Czech Republic. With subtitle My Institution, My Responsibility, the aim of the conference was to explore ways to support gender equality and the professional advancement of women scientists in universities and research institutes.

The keynote speaker of the conference was Curt Rice, Rector of Oslo and Akershus College and globally recognised promoter of gender equality in science. In the newsletter you can also read Curt Rice’s reflections on the gender culture in Czech academia, which we posted on  ur social media here and it has sparked heated debate. On our youtube channel you can see Curt’s presentation as well as the other interventions (though those are in Czech).

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