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The University Institute for Gender Studies Research (IUIEG) dedicates its activity to scientific and technical research in the field of gender studies at the University of Alicante. It is responsible for promoting, supporting and coordinating research in this field.

The Institute’s researchers come from several branches of knowledge (Sociology, Law, Communication, Philology, History, Education, Health, Social Work, Economics, Information Technology, Psychology, and Philosophy, among others).

The IUIEG mission statement is as follows:

  • Propose and develop scientific and technical research programmes in the field of Gender Studies. At present, the IUIEG participates in the European Project coordinated by the UA «Lights, Camera and Action against Dating Violence» (REC/VAW/AG/2016/02/776905), funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Justice “Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020” with PhD Mª del Carmen Vives Cases as the principal investigator. 
  • Coordinate actions that are already underway and promote new lines of interdisciplinary research on gender.
  • Encourage collaboration and train research groups in gender issues. Three research groups are currently assigned to the IUIEG: “Research Group in Gender issues”, “Research Group in Diversity, Education and Gender” and “Research Group in French-language Female Writers and Gender”. 
  • Support individual research through fellowships and financial aid.
  • Train researchers in gender issues through the Joint PhD Degree in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (, with six Spanish universities, and through expert courses.

The organisation of conferences, seminars and courses to undertake research in gender studies is one of the IUIEG’s key activities. Actually, on 14 and 15 November 2018, the University of Alicante hosted the 4th IUIEG Colloquium: «En masculino plural. La utilidad del concepto ‘Masculinidades’ para la investigación» (In Plural Masculine, the Usefulness of the Concept ‘Masculinities’ for Research Purposes), with the participation of around twenty researchers, experts in the study of masculinities, one of the most innovative lines of research in the field of gender studies. During the meeting, the WHO European Regional Office presented for the first time its “Strategy and report on men’s health and well-being”, in which the men’s health and masculinities unit of the University of Alicante’s Research Group in Public Health have actively participated.  This strategy focuses on a number of priority areas of action to improve men’s health and, at the same time, contribute to the achievement of gender equality.

Scientific publication is another of IUIEG’s fields of action. Its online biannual journal Feminismo/s is open to the entire international academic community: With an interdisciplinary approach, its aim is to promote and channel the research in the field of gender and women’s studies, providing the readership with tools for the analysis and interpretation of gender relations in the social-cultural contemporary sphere without leaving aside the historical perspective. Its latest issue in June 2018 contains, in addition to scientific articles on different topics, a monograph series on sex and well-being: women and diversity.  Next issue — December 2018 — includes monograph series on women, architecture and environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Also, the Lilith collection publishes scientific monographs involving analysis, reflections and interpretations on the construction of relationships between women and men, in order to advance into a deeper understanding of our society. Artistas del recuerdo. La inauguración de la novela histórica centroamericana escrita por mujeres, (Artists in the memory. The inauguration of the Central American historical novel written by women), by PhD. Gabriela Quirante Amores, has just been published as part of the Lilith Collection.

The IUIEG also offers online training courses for researchers.  From 18 December 2018 to 15 March 2019, the institute will offer a 30-hour course on Research in Health Sciences from a Gender Perspective, designed to provide participants with a scientific understanding of gender as a theoretical concept in order to review its relationship with health:

and a 30-hour course on Research in Education from a Gender Perspective:

University Institute for Gender Studies Research

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