“La Science taille XX elles”: an art and science exhibition to promote women scientists and inspire the young generation

“La Science taille XX elles”: an art and science exhibition to promote women scientists and inspire the young generation

A travelling exhibition during 2022, opened in Grenoble on 20 November 2021

Overview of the 20 posters portraying the 21 ambassadress pictures taken by photographer Vincent Moncorgé

One of the present commitments of “Parité Science” (an association member of EPWS) to attract female students into STEM is the promotion of “La Science taille XX elles”, an art and science project putting forward modern women scientists to be role models for the youngest generation, especially girls. The exhibition is constituted of 20 billboards, each one consisting of an “ambassadress” photograph realised by the professional photographer Vincent Moncorgé and a text describing both her trajectory and career. “La Science taille XX elles” is a concept proposed in 2018 by “Femmes & Sciences” (another association member of EPWS) and the French National Center for Research (CNRS). Three exhibitions have already been realised in Toulouse in 2018, in Lyon in 2019, and in Paris Metropolis in 2020. The local Grenoble organizers are a consortium of Femmes&Sciences and Parité Science associations and four institutions: CNRS Alpes, Grenoble Alpes University, Grenoble INP-UGA, and Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes. The project was coordinated by Fairouz Malek, an EPWS board member.

Opening of the exhibition “La Science taille XX elles”, November 20th, 2021 in the beautiful public garden, Jardin de Ville, in downtown Grenoble

The opening of the exhibition took place on 20 November 2021, downtown Grenoble in a beautiful public garden, in presence of all the project partners, the mayor and the federal governing authorities. In 2022, the exhibition will travel to various public and academic places of the Alps region (Grenoble, Voiron, Valence) and is expected to move to other regions of France and in Europe. More importantly, it will reach schools, libraries, shops and cultural centres. Some ambassadresses will accompany their portraits to meet with the young pupils or the public to speak of science, their career, their role and, hopefully inspire the youngest generation to choose scientific curricula and embark in science.


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