#Wetooinscience – Donne e Scienza / EPWS conference – the presentations are now available

EPWS and its Italian member Association Donne e Scienza (Women and Science) organised a joint conference in Pisa, Italy, on September 20-21  2018 entitled #wetooinscience – Sexual Harassment in Higher Education Institutions and Research Performing Organizations

The conference presentations are now available following this link.

Sexual Harassment in Higher Educaton Insttutons

Gender-based violence is widespread in every place, every culture, every geographical area and every social class. The scientific and academic fields are not exempt from this phenomenon, and indeed, violence, marginalization, discrimination and other forms of abuses against women are as frequent as elsewhere. A particular aspect of this violence is sexual harassment , which includes attitudes put in place in individual terms, suffered specifically by individuals and operated by individuals or groups. These may be physical, moral or social, although in the vast majority of cases these are attitudes, words or actions done predominantly by single men on single women (single in the sense, unfortunately, of one at a time), and who are individually endured.

It is necessary to take steps forward that lead to quantification, awareness and to the activation of a mechanism, especially social, which will finally bring to a solution. It is a long journey, but in this historical moment, it is not only possible, but a duty and almost ‘easy’ to start, following the example of many other women in several fields.


The conference is co-organized by Donne e Scienza and the European Platform of Women Scientsts EPWS; both associations will hold their general assemblies
See the concept description and the programme at www.donnescienza.it/2018-wetooinscience/

The conference is organized in three sessions, with invited talks and selected presentatons. It will also be possible to present a poster.

  1. What do we know: in Italy, Europe and abroad
  2. How to address the problem: solutions
  3. How to address the problem: prevention.

We encourage submissions that address the theme of the conference. In particular:

  • prevalence and distribution of sexual harassment;
  • legal frameworks;
  • positive actions against all kinds of harassment at workplace;
  • ombudsperson activities and experiences;
  • recommendations and training to prevent and respond to harassment and sexism in the lab;
  • other topics related to the conference theme.

A maximum of 20 minutes will be allowed for each presentation during the sessions. Presentations can be in English or in Italian.

NEW DATE: A call for papers is opened until 22nd July 2018. 


Program and registration here.


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