Interview of the Month: APMST, Association pour la Parité dans les Métiers Scientifiques & Techniques (10/2016)

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Our Member for October is the French association APMST – Association pour la Parité dans les Métiers Scientifiques & Techniques


For the French association APMST, Jacqueline Etay, president and CNRS senior researcher, has accepted to answer the EPWS questionnaire.

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EPWS: If you wanted to describe your association in one sentence, what would you say?

J.E: Our association is composed of women and men acting for the promotion of Science in Grenoble  and the Grenoble area, particularly among girls and women.

EPWS: What are the objectives of your association?

J.E. : Our objectives are threefold :

1 – Promoting equal access to professions and responsibilities;

2 – Working for parity between women and men in scientific and technical domains;

3 – Encouraging the production of knowledge by women and its dissemination.

We have many activities of promotion of science and technology for teenagers, in particular girls, in the Grenoble area.

Library on Women in Science APMST
Library on Women in Science APMST

EPWS: What is the history of APMST, in a few words?

J.E : APMST was created in 2002 to promote a better distribution of choice among young women and men in their academic orientation, and thus to develop professional openings to Science and Technology.

EPWS: Could you explain the organization of your association?

APMST is ruled by the 1901 French law relative to French Non Profit Associations: i.e. the association’s bylaws are regularly updated and sent to the local representative of French State. Each year, a general assembly of all members (40 members) elects a board which appoints a Bureau of at least 3 members. The board meets at least 6 times a year. News are disseminated via our email list.

EPWS: What are its recent achievements?

APMST and Grenoble INP (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, which gathers several engineering schools) have been awarded the Award of the most original project of the Ingénieuses’15 CDEFI contest, for the work of Céline Ternon and students of Grenoble INP ( )
APMST established a collection of books dedicated to “Women in Science” located in the library of the PHELMA (Grenoble INP engineering school).
APMST organized a meeting with Claire Deschênes, professor at Laval University, Quebec, Canada, who is a Founding Member of the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES).

Audience at APMST's 10th Anniversary - Serge Claisse (ILL)
Audience at APMST’s 10th Anniversary – Serge Claisse (ILL)

EPWS: What is your agenda for the coming months?

We will continue our effort regarding our collection of books (buying other books, writing short notes on the books, organising a context for students in relation with these books,…)
APMST is strongly involved in annual events such as
“semaine de l’égalité” (a week for equality) leaded by the representative of Ministry of Education in Grenoble.
“fête de la science” (Science Festival), particularly targeting young people.

EPWS: Are you collaborating with other EPWS members?

J.E. : Yes, we have strong connections with the French association Femmes & Sciences (Women and Science).

EPWS: What do you expect from EPWS?  In what ways can it help you develop your action?

We expect to be informed of actions led by similar organizations in Europe and possibly to exchange ideas with them.

We are following EPWS work and send a representative to EPWS conferences.



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