International graduate school in quantum science and nanomaterials

The university of Strasbourg is launching a new “research graduate school” in quantum science and nanomaterials.

In this framework, the University of Strasbourg is offering “Q-master” scholarships and doctoral fellowships. They are looking for motivated students (L3 to PhD level) to join this program.


Why quantum science and nanomaterials?

The continuing miniaturization and integration of information technologies requires a better understanding and control of the quantum nature of matter that becomes dominant at the (sub) nm scale. By exploiting quantum effects, such as coherence and entanglement, we can create new and innovative devices and materials that will shape the future of technology and positively impact society as a whole. QMat prepares the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers for this task, by putting outstanding MSc and PhD students at the forefront of international research combined with an engaging training programme bridging physics, material science, chemistry and engineering.


How to apply


  • Bachelor of Science in Physics or equivalent
  • Proof of English and/or French proficiency
  • Motivation to pursue a Masters and/or PhD in Strasbourg

Applications now open (deadline April 15, 2018)

Programme starts September 2018 for Masters students starting their 1st or 2nd year and beginning PhD students

Online applications here.

“Putting outstanding PhD and MSc students at the forefront of international research”

Distinguishing features of QMat:

  • Deep and broad individually tailored curriculum in quantum science and nanotechnology
  • Strong interaction with world leading research groups and industrial partners in Strasbourg and abroad
  • Enhanced involvement and networking of students through student-led initiatives
  • Generous financial support for top students (“Q-Master” scholarships and doctoral fellowships)
  • Access to the PhD programme for successful MSc students
  • Global perspective: study in English and French and benefit from a rich cultural diversity

Read more and apply here.


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