Donne e Scienza, Italy


Silvana Badaloni earned her degree in Physics. She is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Padua, and she is teacher of the Course of Artificial Intelligence. Her main interests of research concern Artificial Intelligence and Computational Genomics.

She is component of the Equal Opportunities Committee of Padova University, she is partner of the Research Project “Gender issues in the scientific and technological research: the Leaky Pipe emergency” funded by the University of Padova and she is author of many publications on Women & Science issues.

She organized:

– the 3rd Conference on Women & Science WS’06 of the Italian Association Donne e Scienza in September 2006;

– in April 2008 the European Workshop on: “Women, Science & Technology: a glance at Europe” with the presence of invited from EU Community and from PROMETEA network and Science.