Former Treasurer of EPWS, University of Groningen (Netherlands)


Mineke Bosch is Professor of Modern History at the Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen. By training she is a historian, who teaches Gender Studies, especially in the field of gender and science. In 1994 she earned her PhD with the book: Het geslacht van de wetenschap. Vrouwen en hoger onderwijs in Nederland, 1878-1948. (The Gender of Science: Women and Higher Education in the Netherlands, 1878-1948). She is also involved in policy-oriented research and development concerning women and science.

She was a member of the ETAN expert group ‘Women and Science’ which published the EU-report: Science Policies in the European Union: Promoting Excellence through Mainstreaming Gender Equality (2000).

She was contractor for a gender impact assessment of the specific programme “Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources” (2002) of the Fifth Framework Programme, and more recently of an ESF-Equal project on Gender Mainstreaming at Universities.

She was project leader of an ESF-Equal Project “Bridging the Gender Gap at Universities” (2001-2004).