Italian Association of Women Scientists, Italy

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Dr. Lucia Martinelli has participated since 1995 in the activities of the ‘Coordinamento Nazionale Donne e Scienza’ which later became the Italian Association of Women Scientists. At an institutional level, she was involved for 12 years in the activities of the Commission for the Equal Opportunities of the Autonomous Province of Trento, twice in the role of the elected President: she coordinated interventions –in the regulation framework too – on gender equality for strengthening civil society structures and empowerment, also in the area of research and gender equality, and participated as a speaker and organizer to public conferences and various media interventions.

Education: Laurea in Biological Sciences at the Bologna University (Italy), PhD, Wageningen Agricultural University (The Netherlands) and Master of Scientific Journalism and Communication at the Ferrara University (Italy).
Work activity: During a 30-year experience as researcher in Italy (Bologna University; Agrimont R&S, Montedison group Company; Fondazione E. Mach – IASMA; Museo delle Scienze – MUSE) and abroad (Wageningen Agricultural University, NL; The Plant Cell Research Institute, California, USA; University of Santiago de Compostela, Madrid and Bilbao, Spain), in public and industrial research institutes, she developed and coordinated research on plants biotechnology: gene transfer and GMO traceability, risk perception and assessment and communication have been her principal topics.

Her pioneering successful foreign gene transfer into grapevine was awarded with the 1994 first prize by the Rudolf Hermanns Foundation. Since June 2011 she has been working at the Museo delle Scienze – MUSE (Science museum) of Trento (Italy) where she is conducting and coordinating research in the area ‘Science in Society’, which she coordinates.

Other activities: Experience in text-writing and in hosting programs for the radio, both public (RAI) and private nets, and author of science-theatre texts.