Helsinki Group – Position paper on H2020 interim evaluation and preparation of FP9

The Helsinki Group on Gender in Research and Innovation, an ERA-related group advising the Commission and the Council, has published its Position Paper on Interim Evaluation of H2020 and the future Framework Programme. The paper calls for the continuation and reinforcement of provisions on gender equality and gender mainstreaming in R&I in the next FP, especially in evaluation, monitoring and capacity building.

The Helsinki Group on Gender in Research and Innovation (hereafter the HG) welcomes the progress made to implement gender equality and gender mainstreaming under the H2020 as a cross-cutting issue and the concrete provisions adopted to achieve the three specific objectives. The HG underlines that the three gender equality objectives in H2020 are crucial for Research and Innovation (R&I) excellence in the ERA, stimulating both the quality of R&I outputs and their relevance to society:

 Encouraging gender balance in research teams is a basic principle for pursuing excellence because it increases the participation of talented researchers from diverse backgrounds.

 Ensuring gender balance in decision making is more than a matter of a basic right to equal participation. It also contributes to better grounded decisions and enriches the R&I agenda setting, facilitating the inclusion of all gender specific needs and interests.

 Integrating the gender dimension in research and innovation content increases the overall quality and relevance of R&I by avoiding biased studies based on gender stereotypes and on the male default model. It fosters responsible research for sustainable future by improving R&I methods and outputs that take into account the needs and interests of the whole population.


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