Hector Research Career Development Award

The Hector Fellow Academy established a new Award: The Hector Research Career Development Award.

Promising W1 professors / Junior Research Group Leaders in STEM fields working at German Universities / Research Institutions are invited to apply to the €25.000 award.


Hector RCD Award


Hector Fellow Academy also strongly believes that success of women in sciences should be nurtured and promoted, so we set the goal that at least 50 percent of the awardees will be female.

The Hector Research Career Development Award (Hector RCD Award) was announced in 2020; with it the Hector Fellow Academy (HFA) pursuits the goal of promoting and supporting the scientific career of junior researchers in the area of natural and engineering sciences as well as medicine and psychology. The award aims to nurture and encourage young scientists at a critical point of their careers.

The application phase is from September 1st to October 30th 2020. In the future, the prize will be awarded yearly.

If you are interested in the award, I encourage you to publish and forward the award announcement attached to this email.

For more information, visit our website: www.hector-fellow-academy.de/hector-rcd-award.html


Background information about the Hector Fellow Academy

In the year 2013, one of the founders of the software company SAP Hans-Werner Hector established the Hector Fellow Academy with the objective to strengthen Germany as a worldwide renowned location for science and research, to initiate pioneering socio-political discourse and to contribute to the solution of global challenges. Members of the science academy are excellent researchers from the area of natural and engineering sciences, medicine and psychology, who are appointed every year through the allocation of the Hector Science Award. The academy offers the Hector Fellows not only a platform to exchange with fellow scientists and to work on interdisciplinary research projects. It also set oneself to pass the knowledge and experience of the members to the next generation. To do so, the Hector Fellow Academy funds postdoctoral positions for alumni with outstanding master’s degree and called the Hector Research Career Development Award to life.

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