Göttingen Centre for Gender Studies – Fellowship Programme 2015

The Göttingen Centre for Gender Studies (GCG) is an interdisciplinary academic institution that aims to promote research activities in the area of Gender/Queer Studies at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. It collaborates with different gender networks such as LAGEN (Gender Research in Lower Saxony), the German Gender Studies Association (Fachgesellschaft Geschlechterstudien) and the international network ATGender.
The GCG-Fellowship-Programme starts from summer semester 2015 onwards.

Target Group for GCG-Fellowships 
The GCG welcomes innovative junior and distinguished senior researchers, after PhD (in exceptional cases: end of PhD stage) from Gender/Queer Studies, or related fields with clear link to gender research, national as well as international.
Type of Fellowship-Programme 
The GCG-Fellowship is a non-stipendiary fellowship. In order to encourage the interdisciplinary exchange the fellows are invited to meet members of the GCG, join the events (co-)organized by the GCG, and are expected to present a paper resp. give a talk at least once during their stay.
Length of stayMinimum 1 month – maximum 12 months.
Applicants need to identify 1 or 2 possible hosts (members of the GCG) that will provide the visiting scholar with working space, access to internet, access to facilities. In cases, the applicant has not yet identified an interested host, GCG is willing to serve as mediator.
Cover letter
CV (including information on professional background, list of publication, certificates)
1-2 page letter indicating the research project during the fellowship period, and preferred start and end dates
Letter of the host from GCG
Please note that we only accept digital applications (PDF file, max. 2 MB).
Deadline Deadline for application is: February 28, 2015.
Please send your digital application to: Dr. Jana Husmann E-Mail: jana.husmann@zentr.uni-goettingen.de
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