Gendered innovations 2

Gendered innovations 2 | How inclusive analysis contributes to research and innovation: policy review

A Report form the Publications Office of the EU



Integrating sex and gender analysis into research and innovation adds value to research and increases its societal relevance. It is thereby crucial to secure Europe’s leadership in science and technology, and support its inclusive growth. To further strengthen the integration of sex and gender analysis into research and innovation, the European Commission convened an expert group to support these efforts.
This report highlights the results of the expert group and contains definitions of terms and methods relating to sex, gender and intersectional analysis, interdisciplinary case studies displaying how to integrate the gender dimension into various fields of research and innovation, as well as concrete policy recommendations. The material presented provides guidance for the Horizon Europe framework programme and seeks to contribute to the achievement of the UN SDGs.


Integrating sex and/or gender analysis into research and innovation:

  • adds value to research in terms of excellence, creativity and business opportunities;
  • helps researchers and innovators question gender norms and stereotypes, and rethink standards and reference models;
  • leads to an in-depth understanding of diverse gender needs, behaviours and attitudes;
  • addresses the diverse needs of citizens of the European Union and thereby enhances the societal relevance of the knowledge, technologies and innovations produced;
  • contributes to the production of goods and services better suited to new markets.

This policy report presents the output of the work carried out by the Gendered Innovations 2 Expert Group.


Report in pdf format here.


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