Gender Violence in Higher Education and Research: from Awareness to Care Taking

Gender Violence in Higher Education and Research: from Awareness to Care Taking

Monday December 4th, 2017, at the Paris Diderot University

organised by the associations ANEF (French Association for Feminist Studies), CPED (French Standing Conference of Gender Officers of Higher Education and Research Institutions), Femmes et mathématiques (Women and Mathematics), Université Paris Diderot (TRIGGER European project), Le Mans Université, Aix Marseille Université, Université Paris VIII and the French Ministry of Higher Educations, Research and Innovation.


The morning will be in French and English with an instantaneous translation for the international audience. Please note that it is the first time in France that such a wide international list of speakers is invited on the subject of gender violence in higher education, with talks by researchers and people in responsibility coming form Great Britain, Italy, Quebec and Sweden.

The afternoon will begin French only: four workshops in parallel will deal with How to Document on Gender Violence in her or his Institution;  How to Identify Gender Violence; How to Sensitise the Members of the Institution To Implement Mechanisms or a Service in her or his Institution

A number of institutions or associations are associated to the conference, in particular EPWS.

Registration is compulsory, the entrance is free and subject to availability.


To register:

1. Create an account on sciencesconf (if not already done):
2. Go the to website of the conference:
3. Select « connexion » on the right upper side of the page et select « mon inscription » on the following page



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