Gender equality, economic growth and employment: Report

Gender equality, economic growth and employment
Åsa Löfström

“This study is financed by the Swedish Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality and has been prepared by an independent expert. The contents of the study and the various conclusions are the author’s own and do not represent the official position of the Swedish Government.”

“The present report discusses the question of whether there is a connection between gender equality, economic growth and employment.

Depending on how the term ‘gender equality’ is defined, the answers to this question will vary. But based on the assumptions made here – that labour market equality means women and men working to the same extent in paid jobs, having an equal share of part-time work and self employment – everything suggests that there are major benefits to be gained from enhancing gender equality.

Calculation of a maximum value of these gains shows that there is a potential for increased GDP of between 15 and 45 per cent in the EU member states.
Even if this might be an overestimation of the real gains by 20–25 per cent, the magnitude of the figures nevertheless suggests that the gains to be had from greater equality in the labour market are substantial.”

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