Five PhD fellowships in Osteoarthritis research at 4 European Universities

There is no cure for osteoarthritis, a serious and painful degenerative joint disease. Once called the ‘wear and tear’ condition associated with ageing, osteoarthritis typically affects hands, knees, hips, lower back and neck.

The EU-funded Marie Curie OSTASKILLS project will explore the development of treatment options to manage the symptoms. It will invite 10 talented researchers to apply for a doctoral training in the scientific methods within the field of regenerative medicine. The project’s overall aim is to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurial scientists capable of combining and translating major innovations in life sciences towards meaningful clinical applications and the healthcare market.

The consortium is particularly keen to invite female researcher to apply to these position in order to have balanced participation of women and men.

The Coordinator ReumaNederland will co-finance 10 PhD positions at Twente University (NL), Maastricht University (NL), Lund Univerversity (SE), Wurtzburg University (DE) , AO Research Institute (CH) and Basel University (CH). In this recruitment round we aim to hire 5 PhD students for position in Maastricht (1), Twente (1), Lund(1) and Wutzburg(2).


Apply here

Deadline: The position will be open to apply from May 1st 2022 until May 31st 2022


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