Femmes & Sciences wins APEC gold Trophy for Women-Men Equality

The APEC Trophy is a French award that celebrates the institutional efforts that support gender equality in the workplace.
The French association Femmes & Sciences (F&S, Women and Science) was awarded the gold Trophy of the APEC (Association for Executives’ Employment) for Women-Men Equality in the category “Public and para-public institutions, associations”, ex-aequo with the Commissariat for Atomic Energy and Alternatives Energies. 
“The association F&S aims at encouraging young people, and in particular girls, to join scientific and technological careers (up to now with 75% men), promoting the image of science among women and strengthening the situation of women in scientific careers. Its objective is 40% of women at all levels and in particular in maths, physics, chemistry and computer science. Three main types of actions have been set: communication tools such as booklets, slides, quiz, videos, distributed and shown to the 4500 teenagers met yearly; interventions towards research hiring and promotion committees; actions towards education and research authorities”
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