European Space Agency: Internal Research Fellow (PostDoc) in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

This research fellowship will be carried out in ESA’s Advanced Concepts Team (ACT): a group of research fellows (PostDocs) and young graduates who originate from a broad variety of academic fields and are aiming for an academic career. Its task is to monitor, perform and foster research on advanced space systems, innovative concepts and working methods. It interacts externally almost exclusively with academia and operates as a truly interdisciplinary team bound to high scientific standards. Through its research, the team acts as a pathfinder to explore novel, potentially promising areas for ESA and the space sector, ranging from applied to fundamental research topics. An important task of the team is to communicate scientific trends and results, as input to the strategic planning of the Agency.

The team entered the field of computer science and applied mathematics in 2004, carrying out research projects related to distributed parallel GPU optimisation (e.g. pagmo2), Taylor-based numerical integration of ODEs (e.g., heyoka), differential algebra and high order automated differentiation (audi), to name just a few. The open science approach was pursued in all these research projects being considered a necessary paradigm by the team.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to familiar themselves with the research done by the ACT (, in particular in the field of computer science & applied mathematics and the related open-source projects and competitions.

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Deadline: October 4, 2022


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