European Inventor Award 2020

Nominate an inventor for the European Inventor Award 2020



The European Inventor Award organised by the European Patent Office recognises outstanding inventors from around the world, from all technical fields and backgrounds.
You don’t have to be an inventor yourself to put forward a nominee. People from industry, research institutes, IP associations and universities, as well as the general public, are all welcome to make a suggestion. So why not go ahead and nominate your favourite inventor? 

This Award is unique in that it honours inventors not only for the genius of their scientific or technological breakthroughs, but also for the impact their invention has on society and the economy, putting a spotlight on the individuals behind the inventions that are changing our lives for the better.

You can help determine who will receive the highly coveted Award trophy by nominating an inventor. Simply fill in the nomination form and your inventor could end up on the stage of our prestigious Award ceremony.

The nomination period for the European Inventor Award 2020 is now open. You can submit your nominations until 30 September 2019.


Lear more and submit your proposal by 30 September 2019 here.

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