Europe Calls for Top Technology Teaching – UPDATE Conference

UPDATE Conference
23-24 November 2009
Madrid, Spain

“European science and technology classes don’t respond to the needs of pupils, especially not to the needs of girls. European curricula need to be improved by means of excellent and binding measures that particularly focus on children’s early years.

According to the results of the UPDATE research, these measures need to be implemented as soon as possible. Progressive and practical solutions to this challenge will be discussed in detail in the final project conference in Madrid.
The conference is open to all interested parties involved in science and technology education to share the findings discovered during the three-year project. Conference participants will get a broad update on funded research in the field of science education.

The conference presentations will specifically address the new didactical concepts that aim at establishing top technology teaching for Europe’s youth. The UPDATE partners will introduce the project outcomes regarding different educational levels starting with early childhood education. Additionally, the UPDATE research has examined motivating factors and barriers in respect to technology education for students of different ages. Based on these findings, new curricula structures can be suggested. Guest speakers will complete the agenda.”

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