European conference:
Changing research landscapes
to make the most of human potential –
10 years of activities in women and science, and BEYOND

14-15 May 2009, Prague

“The conference will focus on how gender management enters into the modernisation process that is currently being carried out at universities and research institutions in many countries.
Modernisation is generally focused on some critical issues such as: autonomy, funding, accountability, partnership with businesses, quality of research, intellectual property rights,
open access to research results, contribution to innovation, community engagement, etc.

Human resources, however, are often not included as one of the main issues – and gender issues are rarely considered.

However, no true modernisation of universities and research institutions can take place if the social relationships governing these remain based on and ruled by stereotypes – i.e. if excellence
is biased or if innovativeness is not promoted through «diverse thinking».
Gender-bias is often the source of the more-ingrained stereotypes: tackling it in the management of universities and research institutions could provide the basis for radical change in other fields.”

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