EPWS statement in support of Ukrainian women in science

In these dark days for the history of Europe and for our whole Planet due to a new war illegal under international law in the heart of Europe, many statements have been published to take a stand against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The European Platform of Women Scientists EPWS joins these protests and expresses its concern about the threatening impacts of this war on the Ukrainian population and environment.

As a European platform focused on science and advocating rights and policies for the promotion of European women scientists, EPWS expresses its solidarity towards the Ukrainian scientific community and especially Ukrainian women in science working in all fields and disciplines as their freedom, safety and lives are under threat.

As an umbrella association of scientific associations of European women scientists and institutions working for gender equality and the integration of the gender dimension in science and research, EPWS strongly advocates the values underlying European research and European research policy: reciprocal respect, collaboration, and inclusiveness. Complete disrespect of these values has been demonstrated by the bombardment of universities, schools, and museums.

In view of future scientific cooperation, EPWS wishes to express its empathy for the Russian scientific community, which has condemned the war in Ukraine. The European Platform of Women Scientists EPWS acknowledges the Russian feminist movement, which has emphasized that war “is irreconcilable with the essential values and goals of the feminist movement”.

EPWS advocates for respect and cooperation within the community of women scientists and beyond. The European Platform of Women Scientists EPWS will continue to support these values also in times of war.


European Platform of Women Scientists EPWS, Brussels


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