EPWS participation in the TRIGGER final conference


From left to right: Maria Curto, EPWS Treasurer, moderating a round table, and Giovanna Declich, ASDO, EPWS member, speaker


Brussels, 28-29 November 2017


This conference included two main parts: “Highlights from the five TRIGGER actions plans” and “Lessons learned from the TRIGGER project and future perspectives of the European strategies to promote institutional change”.

Although the differences in situations according to the country and the institution lead to different activities, there are common points in the five Gender Action Plans (GAP) and in the “sister projects” (other structural change projects that took place approximately at the same time):

-difficulty of the transfer agent task who should be a scientist to have credit among the institution scientists;

-political aspects of Gender Equality which is also an economic issue;

-need to involve both men and women;

-sustainability of the Gender Action Plans after the project ends;

EPWS was invited to participate in the final round table on the “Future perspectives of the European strategies to promote institutional change towards Gender Equality”, and stressed that:

-Changing mentalities takes a time much longer than a project’s duration;

-GAPs have been compulsory for years in Germany or Sweden. But as declared measures are usually not binding, non-obedience is not sanctioned and initiated changes thus risk not being sustainable.

-Resistances to structural changes and their links to male and female culture in science should be analysed.

-National or international stakeholders’ networks could help for a better dissemination of the numerous results of gender- based EU projects. EPWS and its association members are ready to collaborate, to accelerate the path towards Gender Equality, for the benefit of EU Research and Innovation and society in general.


More information:  http://triggerproject.eu/news/final-conference-of-the-trigger-project-triggeringgenderinscience


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