EPWS Newsletter – November 2013

The EPWS Newsletter of November 2013 is now available.
In this issue, a special focus on the SAPGERIC conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Gender Summit 3 USA, 13 – 15 November 2013
 New report on Gender Balance in Academia and Research in Nordic Countries
 ‘Tackling the gender pay gap in the European Union’: DG Justice of the EC
 Conference announcement “Diversity: New Ways in Computer Science Education”
 An opportunity to raise the profile of women in Portugal
Gender aspects of Horizon 2020, Hungary
 The Gender and Science Networking database
 Are Women a necessity for science? Geneva panel decides – they are!
 Equality Challenges in Higher Education: Encouraging Theory and Practise Dialogues
 European Research Area (ERA) Progress report 2013
 Activities of the French association Femmes & Sciences
 Association of Hungarian Women in Science Girls’ Day
 Why are there so few women in Science? New York Times article
 AMONET Newsletter and Battle to save girls’ school – Portugal

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