EPWS at MELPLEX Conference

MELPLEX International Training Network invited EPWS to participate in the conference held in Fiuggi, Italy, 3rd-5th May 2018. MEL-PLEX is a 3-years programme funded through Horizon 2020 Marie Curie Actions, aimed at training young researchers active in the study of melanoma and personalized therapies.

Since 10 of 15 of PhD candidates are women, MELPLEX Program Manager Dr. Isabela Aparicio asked for EPWS’s participation in the session “Career and Recruitment in Life Sciences” addressing the issues female scientists face as they progress in the career and what steps they can take to overcome such hurdles. Giuliana Rubbia, senior technologist at INGV (Italian National institute of Geophysics and Volcanology) and vice-president of Associazione Donne e Scienza, Rome, Italy, joined the session as external panelist on EPWS’behalf.


The session resulted in an informal chat at the end of the day, rich in questions about inspirations and challenges to proceed and testimonies and tips from the four senior participants, from academia, research centers and industry. The effort of the European Commission in financing Gender Equality Plans projects was highlighted as an important tool to implement gender equality. The Human Resources Excellence Award was also mentioned as a mean to achieve favorable working environments and contribute to researchers’ mobility. PhD candidates expressed plenty of enthusiasm and different aspirations like continuing academic career as researchers and professors, or moving to other roles, such as science communicators and consultants.


It has been a very stimulating experience. Our best wishes go to MELPLEX young researchers for their professional integration into academic and non-academic worlds, in various European countries and abroad.

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