EPWS at the international Conference on Women in Physics

At the European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS), umbrella association working for the promotion of equal opportunities in the research fields of all scientific disciplines, over 35% of the members are from natural sciences. Thus EPWS has rather close contacts with professional organisations such as the International Union of Applied and Pure Physics (IUPAP). International conferences on gender issues in physics are held by the IUPAP Women Working group every third year. In 2017 the conference took place on 16-21 July in Birmingham University, UK.

The Conference agenda included professional lectures in advanced fields of contemporary physics delivered by distinguished women physicists, presentations of country reports, introduction to posters on gender issues, as well as workshops on different aspects of gender equality in physics research organisations and physics education. During the conference, a minute of silence honored our physicist colleague Mrs. Ann Marks, member of the EPWS Board of Administration and member of the ICWIP local organising committee, who passed away last autumn.

EPWS presented a poster by Prof. Dr. Dalia Satkovskiene, EPWS Board member, and Prof. Dr. Claudine Hermann, then EPWS Vice-President, entitled “European Platform of Women Scientists -The Voice of Women Scientists in EU Research Policy”. This poster review was made by Prof. Dr. Dalia Satkovskiene. The photos show different moments at ICWIP: the poster review by Dalia Satkovskiene as well as the international interest for EPWS activities.

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