EPWS Benchmarking Report for the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

At the end of 2011, EPWS produced a benchmarking report for the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, on the way that different EU member states are organised to answer European calls on gender in research or research on gender, or to integrate gender in their research groups’ answers to European calls.

To answer these questions, the first section of the report describes when and how DG Research started to propose gender-related calls and which Member States manage and coordinate such projects.

The second section indicates in which European countries women and men scientists are helped to apply to this type of calls.
Germany occupies a particular place, as it is the only country with a dedicated unit, FIF (Frauen in Forschung -Women in Research), which is part of the Europe Office of BMBF, the federal ministry of Education and research.

In the third section, specificities of FiF actions are pointed out by the report.

On the other hand, the European commission asked a consultant, Yellow Window, to offer free of cost gender-trainings for EU projects to scientists. In the fourth section, services of FiF and of Yellow Window are compared.

The report ends in the fifth section with a conclusion and recommendations.

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