EPWS: an example of an umbrella network and of cooperation between women scientists across Europe

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On March 25th 2015, in Warsaw, Poland, Prof. Claudine Hermann delivered a talk about EPWS and its mission.

An article based on the talk is now available, published in the Polish Academic Journal of Sociology.


We wish to show in this contribution that equality is not yet reached between female and male
scientists in Europe: thus improving the situation of women scientists in the European Member
States requires the joint efforts both of the European Commission and the women scientists
themselves, in particular through EPWS which federates their networks and associations.
After an historical overview of European Union (EU) policies in favor of women
scientists during the last fifteen years, we list various initiatives taken by EU in this field. We then
explain the missions and activities of the non-profit international association European Platform
of Women Scientists (EPWS) and how it brings the voice of 12.000 women scientists in Europe
to the level of European institutions in a complementary way.


Read the full Article, starting on page 9

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